Thursday, September 16, 2010

House Update: Windows, wiring, plumbing, and hvac

We're now in the slow part of building.  Things are happening, but they are mostly inside the house and are not really obvious from the outside.

The windows are in now.

The back french door is in, but the transom above has not arrived yet.

This is the triple window in the breakfast area.

Most of the wiring is finished.  David and his friend Kevin did the wiring themselves.  Here you can see some of the recessed lights in the tray ceiling in the master bedroom.

One bathtub is in.

This will be a tile shower in the master bathroom.  David will do the tile.  We had a fixed shower head put in on the left, and a wand on the right.

The front door is in, but the sidelights have not arrived yet.

Most of the ductwork is in for the heating and air.  We used A&R to do the install.

That's it for now!  Lots of work has been done, even though it's not obvious from the road.  Soon we will be ready for insulation, and then sheetrock.  Thanks for stopping by!