Thursday, January 13, 2011

House Update: BIG changes! The end is in sight! (Almost)

We have made a LOT of progress since my last post. 

The siding is on.  It's a color called Coastal Sage, which is basically a greenish gray.  All the trim is white.

Cabinets are in.  Here's a picture of some of the kitchen cabinets (without the doors obviously).  They are now painted white.

Here's the view from the other angle.  Also, the light fixture over the island is up!

Here is the master bathroom vanity.  All the cabinets are now painted white.

These are the laundry room cabinets.  I couldn't fit it all in the picture, but these cabinets go all the way to the ceiling.  Lots of storage!

Light fixtures are up with the exception of a few hall lights.  This is the foyer chandelier.  You can also see that the walls in here are painted.  Everything is now painted except for the 2 spare bedrooms, the bonus room, and the master bath.

This is the dining room chandelier...

...and this is the dining room ceiling!  The crown moulding is up in here, as well as the ceiling medallion.

Here is the living room fan.  You can also see in the background that it is painted, and most of the windows are trimmed.

This is the light fixture in the breakfast table area, to the left of the kitchen.

Here is the fan in the master bedroom.  The windows are trimmed, but the crown moulding isn't up yet in the tray ceiling.

Here is part of the hardwood in the master bedroom.  It's finished now, and the living room is almost finished as well.  It's Asian Walnut.

Here's a closer view.  It's a dark wood, with a lot of variation in it. 

These are the front porch lights, on each side of the front door.  The garage and back porch lights are up too, but it was too muddy to go around and take pictures on that day.  It's been extremely busy, but David is making a lot of progress while still trying to work on other jobs for people.  The heat is on inside, the claw foot cast iron tub for the master bath was delivered, and the stove was delivered.  All the remaining tile and trim has been delivered, and David is ready to start tiling soon.  It won't be much longer!  Thanks for visiting!